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Debug Log

Debug Log

You can run the nzyme-tap and nzyme-node in debug and trace log mode to identify issues. Nzyme staff may also ask you to post a debug or trace log.

Node Debug Log


This guide is not published yet

Tap Debug Log

The tap debug log can be accessed by running it in foreground with the --debug or --trace parameter instead of running it through systemd:

  1. Stop nzyme-tap: sudo systemctl stop nzyme-tap
  2. Start it in foreground, with --log-level=debug or --log-level=trace parameter: sudo /usr/bin/nzyme-tap -c /etc/nzyme/nzyme-tap.conf --log-level=debug
  3. Let this run at least a minute to observe process bootstrap as well as a few capture and report cycles.

This will likely generate a lot of output. Consider redirecting the output to a file before inspecting or forwarding it.